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Magnetic lashes are a new and fabulous alternative to glue on strip lashes. No more dealing with messy glues around the eyes, these lashes just pop on and off easily and stay in place all day when applied correctly. Once you get the hang of it they are easier to apply than false lashes and can be used over and over again because of the high quality of Lash Appeal lashes. I know because I have tested them all myself and never leave the house without my lashes.

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Long Lashes

We sell two types of  Magnetic Lashes

this style requires no glue and are applied above and below your natural lashes


Our first type of magnetic lashes do not require eyeliner, one magnetic lash goes above your natural lashes and one below clicking together and forming a stronge bond 

Our second type of magnetic lashes attach directly to magnetic eyeliner applied above your natural lashes