Beautiful Pout

Lash Application

Steps to apply four piece magnetic lashes

1.  Put on a coat or two of mascara

2.  If desired apply a line of  magnetic    eyeliner over top lash, this will help greatly in getting the top lash to stay in place. Always shake the bottle well before application

3.  Let mascara and eyeliner dry

4. Carefully bend the magnetic lashes to with the curve of the eye, these lashes are very bendable and will not get damaged in the process

5.Hold one lash strip over top of eyelashes with fingertips or lash tool

6. While still tying to keep a hold of the top lash to keep it in place or the magnetic eyeliner will do that for you, grab the bottom lash with your other hand and place it underneath your lashes in line with the top and start letting the magnets attach themselves

7. This is a trial and error process and you may have to pop them off and try again several times before it is in place properly

8.You don't want the magnets attached to your eyelid at all as this will cause discomfort

9. The more you time you put in taking the lashes off and on the easier it will become to just pop them on effortlessly.

10. To remove the lashes just take your fingers and slide the magnets apart from each other